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Residents of high-rise buildings in Ukraine threaten large-scale problems because of the deed to the house

Lawmakers continue to develop the database necessary for a complete launch in Ukraine of the Institute of the condominium.Construction expertise
So, the adopted last year act No. 417-VIII suggests that before 1 July this year will be completely changed the system of governance national housing authority. On minujeca should come management companies. They need to choose to residents of high-rise buildings. For those who cannot or do not want to do so, the management company chooses to contest the municipality.

But to manage property without the technical documentation is impossible. To solve this problem, recently in the Verkhovna Rada the bill No. 4363. The author of the people’s Deputy Vasily Gulyaev believes that the implementation of the document will impose order with the transfer of the technical documentation of the CMF. In the bill is really a prescribed way of transfer of securities, but lengthened periods of this process.

The existing “Rules of detention houses and adjoining areas” (adopted in 2005), determine the list of technical documentation: data sheet on residential building, design and estimate documentation with schemes of arrangement of engineering networks, acts of state Commission on acceptance house in operation, passport of boiler management, boiler book, in the case of embedded or attached boiler rooms, passports elevators, acts of acceptance-transfer of a residential house in case of change of its owners or the owner. And stipulate that after the date of the certificate of acceptance-transfer of object of the whole package needs to be transferred to the new Manager within a month.

The new bill specifies that the technical documentation will need to pass within three months from the date of state registration, and if the documentation for one reason or another is missing, it should recover in six months, at his expense, the former owner or the person responsible for the management of the home.

However, neither experts nor practitioners of the new bill did not like.

“The question of creation of osmd on the background of the crisis in the housing sector is urgent. But the initiative of people’s Deputy Gulyaev, in fact, on the contrary, paralyze the process,” — said the Director of the management company maintenance of secondary housing “Polytech” Dmitry Kobzar.

According to him, in the capital missing 90% of documents that, under the bill, must pass. “Given the fact that local authorities are not interested in “decentralization” in the housing sector, and for six months the documents are unlikely to recover. At least because such activities require a lot of money, but they are not included in the budget”, — said the poet. As important and supervising the construction.

According to the Ministry of regional development, now in Ukraine there are about 14.5 thousand condominiums, representing 19% of the total number of high-rise buildings (about 75 thousand houses). For the first three quarters of last year, established 556 new associations. At the end of 2013 was inventoried on 23% of the housing stock, and since then the situation has changed little, said the head of the Housing Union of Ukraine Oleksandr Skupchenko.

“To issue a registration certificate just can’t, after all this program requires from the municipalities the money that they do not have,” says Skupchenko.

Preparation of a package of technical documentation costs 4 UAH/sq. m. total area, that is, for a 16 storey odnopodezdny house with an area of about 6 thousand sq. m. these works will cost from UAH 24 thousand.

“New condominiums there is a sense only buildings above 5 floors, we have in the country about 75 thousand with a total area of 400 million sq. m. that is, to bring the technical documentation on them in the order in General you need at least 1.6 billion UAH”, — has estimated Skupchenko.

Confusion among experts causes and the proposed increase in the period of transmission of the technical documentation up to three months. “This will slow down the reform of housing and communal services. However, it is still the main issue is the financing of the transfer process,” he Skupchenko.