Bureau of technical supervision

Plant without the permission of the SACC has built a business center in Kiev

The Supreme administrative court of Ukraine recognized lawful actions of the State architectural and construction Inspectorate regarding the imposition of a fine for providing false data in the Declaration and the unauthorized operation of an object on the street Ushinskogo, 40, Kiev.Сопровождение строительства бизнес центра
In may 2011, GASHI conducted an unscheduled inspection of the construction of administrative and office center, which led PJSC “Kyiv research experimental mechanical plant”. During the inspection it was discovered that the 14-storey building (Dominion business park) was built on a plot not allotted for these purposes, which is a symptom of unauthorized construction. In addition, it was operated without commissioning.

At the time of registration of the Declaration the customer has specified false data. In particular, have lowered the complexity category of the facility from fourth to third. In addition, specified in the registered declarations area of the real estate was significantly different from the area specified on the basis of technical inventory. It remains to hope that the support of the construction was carried out without violations.
All these violations served as the basis for GASHI to fine the plant for 450,6 thousand UAH. But the offender challenged the actions of inspection in court. After long consideration by the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine recognized lawful actions EXTINGUISH.