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Developers reduce the area of housing because of the rising costs of construction

The increase in the construction cost with limited purchasing power of the population is forcing the capital’s developers to reduce the proposed area of housing.

This was reported by the press service of the project company “AIMM Group” with reference to Director Anna Izquierdo.

“If today for 25 thousand dollars you can buy an apartment 28-40 sq. m, depending on the characteristics and quality of a housing, in the future this money will be available to purchase housing with an area of 25-30 square meters”, – quotes Izquierdo press service.

According to the expert, due to the low purchasing power of the market of housing capital in the short term will be filled with small-sized apartments in the area of 25-35 sq. m., to continue to offer accommodation for 25-30 thousand dollars. Mainly designing such housing in the objects of economy class and in small numbers in the “comfort”class.

Recall from the beginning of 2015, the demand for small-sized housing has doubled. The buyer prefers or one-bedroom apartment up to 30 thousand dollars, or 2-bedroom up to 40 thousand dollars.