Bureau of technical supervision

The Builder will pay the penalty for false data in the Declaration

The Poltava district administrative court confirmed legality of actions of employees of the Department of GASK in the Poltava region about the imposition of a fine in the amount of 109,6 thousand UAH. for inaccurate information stated in the Declaration on the beginning of construction works on construction of the project in Poltava on may day Avenue, 18a.

In June and July 2015 on the specified object carried out an unscheduled inspection. By its results it is established that construction works are carried out in the absence of an appropriate approved project documentation.легализация самовольного строительства

In the Declaration, the customer noted that he was given a town-planning conditions and restrictions from local government on urban planning and architecture from 12.04.2013 onwards. However, in delivered the bill provides that the city planning conditions and limitations issued on 31.10.2013 years, i.e. after the registration of the Declaration on the beginning of construction works. In addition, the project of building made in 2014. Control of construction works at construction sites.

Thus, the customer in the Declaration on the beginning of construction work indicated inaccurate data. For this offense he was fined 109,6 thousand UAH.