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For the price of one-bedroom apartment can buy a house of 100 square meters

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Noise of the city vs the slowness of countryside
Economic turmoil, coupled with continuing in the East of the country armed confrontation led to an almost universal decline in property prices. According to many experts, now the market or already on its price bottom or suspended somewhere very near to those. And if someone has a desire to buy their homes, and the necessary amount of money, the more successful (in terms of price) time can no longer happen.
In difficult times, when the need to save worth more than ever, it makes sense to think about what to buy is not for sale in the capital, and private house in its vicinity. We talked to the experts about the pros and cons of such an acquisition.
Several years ago, there has been a clear trend: more and more people of Kiev as the primary place of residence is not buying an apartment in the capital, and vacation homes. It seemed that these preferences will only grow. But, says the director of realty company “Golden Gate” Alex Holmetsky, today there is rather the opposite situation: interest in country houses have fallen markedly. Firstly, because of the city infrastructure is usually very weak, especially in terms of a spoiled city dweller. Even of cottage townships, who promised almost a paradise on earth, many have remained unsettled. As for the small settlements, then not in every rural school or kindergarten want to give your child (and even in every village there are any). Not every village shop pleases range and not everyone will appreciate the opportunity with all the sores, call your local paramedic – the only “doctor” of all trades. It turns out, in many cases, a country house transformed into a place to sleep and relax in the fresh air, and with all the important issues you need to go to the city.
In the city and have to drive to earn – in the village we have in this sense has nothing to do. This means that people have to appreciate the charms of driving in suburban buses. And to assess likely have even the owners of their own cars, given the current high cost of gasoline (for example, if you live 30 km from the city limits and 50 miles from his office, petrol may go up to 100 $ per day).
These and other considerations lead to the fact that the country houses, according Holmetsky sold is very hard. And even in the case when a newly built house offering cheaper cost. Construction management is much easier building your own home.
PRIVATE HOUSE cheaper apartments in the capital
According to a leading specialist of marketing department of the company SV Development Sergei Kostetskii modern cottage must have an area of ​​at least about 150 m. m. Thus the cost per square meter in a house should be at least $ 900-1000 (if it is not about old houses and buildings of not more than a decade old buildings). And that’s assuming that the construction is not used any elite, but just enough high-quality materials. If the house is offered at a price lower than this, it is worth pondering. Either this is a case where the owner urgently needs money and he is willing to sell even at a loss. Or in the construction of the house on something much saved, for example, the quality of any material or work (which in turn can lead to future problems: The roof of a thin metal leaky faster, cheaper exterior finish before osypletsya life, etc.). Or the house is sold in nedovedennom to residential status: for example, is done interior.
As a result, having the $ 150 thousand., You can buy in the vicinity of Kiev nice modern cottage area of ​​150-170 square meters. m with a plot of five to eight acres with him. And what you can buy for the money in the capital? For example, two-bedroom apartment in a new building (2011-2013 year of construction) area of ​​100-120 square meters. m in the area close to the subway (but often – without finishing or one that requires a “fine-tuning”). For the same amount you can buy a four-room apartment of 130 square meters. m in good condition in a house built 10 years ago, but a few kilometers away from the metro. Apartments same area of ​​over 150 square meters. m are already much more than $ 160 thousand. However, considering the fact that now homeowners willingly traded, have a chance to bring down the price to $ 150 thousand., or even lower.
On average, according to SV Development, the price per square meter in real transactions (including any discounts) is $ 1288 in Kiev. Comparable with the price of the “square” in the modern cottage she only gets on the outskirts of example, in the area Darnytskyi – $ 1022 in Desna – $ 1,063.
And keep in mind that to the city “square” the land is not included. And his own land – it is also a bit of a barn outbuildings or bath.
Another thing is that not everyone has the notorious $ 150 thousand., As well as not everyone needs it for the life of one hundred and fifty square feet – most of us have somehow adapted to live on a much smaller area.
What can you buy instead of “kopeck piece”
Will reduce our appetites exactly twice – up to $ 75 thousand. For the money you can buy in the capital of a decent one-bedroom apartment of about 50 square meters. m.
And what we will be pleased with the suburbs? Of course, primarily interested in the options with all urban comforts of home.
First in the eyes rushed storey house with an attic with a total area of 130 square meters. m Gostomele (15 km from Kyiv). Through the village bus to the capital are flow – 10-15 minutes (barring traffic), you can get to the station. Metro “Akademgorodok”. The house is built of gazoblokov, plus double glazing and additional insulation. Own well, two sewage. To all of this – in 6 acres of land with fruit trees, near the forest and the lake. By the way, the lake in the year before Gostomele cleared, and in the past have done a pretty beach with excellent infrastructure – booths, couches, mushrooms, toilet, shower, sports corner. Of the minuses – the house looks pretty tatty and too unassumingly. But asking for it only $ 54 thousand.
In the second minute to find a decent view house in Irpen for $ 65 thousand. Traditional places for our brick, 100 square meters. of the total area, 4 rooms, all amenities, land 4 weave. Next – minibuses stop at Kiev, school, grocery stores, a stadium. Irpen – green village with good infrastructure and convenient transport links to the capital. In addition to minibuses (15 minutes to “Academic”), the locals are in full train.
Such offers are many: house Yasnogorodka (30 km from Kyiv) area of ​​75 square meters. m $ 60 thousand .; Vasilkov (37 km from Kyiv) area of ​​140 square meters. m plus 17 acres, near the forest – also for $ 60 thousand. Proposals have, but the choice is not really too great. May be such that in a pleasing place that suits your home for a comfortable price you will not find.
A huge plus moving to the countryside – far more than in the degree of freedom and independence from the work of public utilities. Huge minus – much more personal responsibility, for no one to be blame if the house is cold, there is no water or clogged pipes.
ENERGY. Already mentioned for $ 75 thousand. Can be found even if not prestigious and not too modern, but a decent house measuring at least 100 square meters. m plus a few acres of land in a good location. And you do not spend the entire amount – will be another $ 15 thousand. For that amount you can buy and install a solid fuel boiler (in addition to the existing gas), more economical electric convectors in rooms, small vetroelektrogenerator and just in case – the emergency diesel generator. Now it is possible to heat the house, optimally combining energy sources – gas, electricity and firewood (fuel pellets). In addition, it is a significant savings on electricity bills. And no, depending, for example, of planned outages of hot water in the summer.
EARTH. Your site – even if small – significantly improves the quality of life compared with imprisonment in the high-rise building. Even if you just use the land as a place for a relaxing holiday. Especially since experience shows that even those who opposed in principle to any agricultural works in its execution, with time still start something grow. As a result, its weave can be a source of eco-friendly, delicious and healthy foods.