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The introduction of property tax refutes Jaresko

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Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko has denied that the Ministry of Finance proposes to increase the property tax on all housing, regardless of its area.

She said this at a briefing at the government press center.

“The media has already appeared incorrect information. I want to note that regarding real estate tax, we leave the existing exemptions for small apartments and houses. The owners of apartments to 60 square meters and houses up to 120 square metres will not have to pay tax,” says the Minister.

According to her, the proposed changes are intended to force the rich to pay higher taxes for their palaces. “That’s why we want to give the right – I say, it is a right, not to raise tax on luxury properties,” said Jaresko. This applies to apartments over 300 square meters and houses more than 500 sqm

Recall that from 1 January 2015 in Ukraine entered into force the new Tax code, according to which the estate tax is levied apartment with an area of over 60 square meters and houses with an area of over 120 square meters, while the tax does not exceed 2% of the minimum wage per 1 sq. m a year.

In the new year the percentage tax rate may be increased from two to three percent.

It should be noted that for 2015, the majority of the regional centres, not only did not dare to set the estate tax at the maximum rate, but also significantly increased the tax-exempt area.