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In Lviv abolished the right of ownership on the controversial squatter

технічний нагляд ЛьвівThe court of appeal in Lviv region abolished the illegal decision of Railway district court in the case of the recognition of ownership of the building on Snopkowski 18a.
The court satisfied the appeal of Prosecutor of the region on the decision of the district court of 2015 on a global agreement between the three citizens on the basis of which the individual recognized the right of ownership of the house and putting it into operation, said Zaxid.net in a press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Lviv region. Technical supervision in Lviv and the region.
The Prosecutor proved that the judgment was taken in violation of the substantive law, since the construction of the facility was conducted in the absence of appropriate design documentation, permits, EXTINGUISH of Ukraine in Lviv region and without the consent of the local authority.
According to the information BTN.kiev.ua the court of appeal overturned the decision of the district court and remanded the case for consideration to the court of first instance.
We will remind, last year GASI filed a lawsuit the claim with the requirement to demolish the unauthorized construction on Snopkowski, 18a, since the house was built without planning conditions and restrictions, a violation of the General plan of the city and no right to perform construction works. While I considered this matter, GASI has addressed in court with the requirement to stop construction work at the facility. But in December 2015, the Lviv district administrative court refused inspection in the claim.