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Kyiv authorities propose to oblige developers to provide 1% of the housing to socially vulnerable individuals

The deputies of Kyiv city Council (Kyiv city Council) on the initiative of the Deputy city mayor – Secretary of Kyiv city Council Vladimir Prokopov intend to address in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a proposal to amend the law “On regulation of urban development” in the portion of the share participation of developers in residential construction.

According to the press service of the city Council on Tuesday, a draft resolution was endorsed by the permanent Commission for budget and socioeconomic development, as well as on urban planning, architecture and land use.

Технический надзор

Технический надзор

According to the report, a draft decision on amendments to the law “On regulation of urban development” it is envisaged to oblige the customer free of charge transfer to municipal ownership at the locality of the residential premises in the 1-1. 25% of the total area of residential premises in a house built. Note that any tax incentives or reduced cost for developers is not expected. Supervision of construction should also be provided in the proper amount.

Thus, it is proposed to provide the housing rights of citizens requiring social protection, in particular – members of the antiterrorist operation (ATO), the disabled, bereaved families, etc.

“Give them the land is not efficient, and it will not solve the pressing problem of housing…. One percent is a number that is feasible in the current economic situation for the Builder. That is, we can have square meters, which will help to resolve the issue of beneficiaries, and it does not get a large number of unfinished projects” – is quoted in the message Vladimir Prokopov.

According to the report, this decision will not apply to apartment buildings in which conditions of the investment competition already provides for the transfer of residential premises.

According to V. Prokopov, when the developers of Kiev 1% of the total living space of premises in residential buildings, the city will be able to obtain and provide the socially disadvantaged citizens to 200 apartments per year.