Bureau of technical supervision

Types of estimates and their application.

Types of estimates and their application.

Statement on the scope of work. This cost estimate includes data on the volume of all types of planned construction activities and technological sequence of their implementation at the facility. It is used as a basis for other calculations.

Local estimates. The costing of this format is to determine the costs of facility construction or repair of its individual parts, according to current market prices. Typically, the document contains a detailed, in detail decrypted calculations.
Statement resources. This document reflects the consumption of building materials for each type of work or the entire object taking into account the whole complex of actions, performed according to the approved technological sequence.

The estimate of the object. When estimating this type costs are calculated for the construction, installation, finishing and other works. Also in the document included the cost of installation of equipment, furniture, tools, temporary structures and buildings, for heating in individual period. In the formation of estimates experts also take into account the payment of design and survey works, obtaining of the technical specifications for the connection of communications, land acquisition, transport engineering, field supervision, building demolition and other operations.

Summary of estimates. This type construction estimate is a summary of the costs. It is created for the entire complex performed at the facility and summarizes the costs for a specific property that is being constructed in the framework of the project.