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In Ukraine changed the order of registration of real estate: the Lawyer explained that will change

Since January 1 in Ukraine entered into force a new procedure for registration of immovable property. Lawyers with Prove Group reviewed a number of significant rules which it is desirable to know the property owners.

First, there is no such document as proof of ownership, instead the right to property will be confirmed through the Internet. Secondly, the registration of real estate can carry with notaries without restrictions.

The key for owners of apartments and land is that now when real estate registration will not be issued a certificate of right to property. The fact that tenure will be confirmed by the decision of the Registrar on the registration of real estate rights, which will be issued in electronic form. The point at which the right is registered is the date of publication of such decision on web-portal of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine. In the hands of the owner can get a printout of the decision, but it is not put neither the signature nor the seal of the Registrar.

“Overall, this situation is, of course, very progressive, but the population, especially the elderly, simply will not understand that the right to their apartment confirmed by conventional printing”, – says a senior lawyer of LC Prove Group Anton kahanec.

At the same time, very convenient is the access to the registry via the Internet https://kap.minjust.gov.ua/. So, you can not leave home to check the information about any property on the territory of Ukraine (unless, of course, such information is specified in the registry). Just enough to pass simple registration on the website.

“Comfortable is the possibility through the notary to perform the registration of the property in respect of which was carried out notarial actions, but also all other registration operations. In addition, applications are accepted and through the centers of administrative services”, – added kahanec.

Also a useful new feature is the possibility to appeal the actions of the registrars, not only in court but also to the Ministry of justice and its territorial bodies.

Some fear that due to the fact that now there will be “document with blue printing,” can be a wave of raider attacks on property, given the fact that the only hope for electronic databases. One could assume that the database still meet the safety requirements. Fraud, of course, may be the place to be, especially if someone gets hold of the electronic digital signature of a notary or the Registrar, but most likely mass these attacks will not.

“Property owners suggest that you periodically check their property in the registry, but if they haven’t made it, make sure you add” – summed up the lawyer.