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In Ukraine, want to simplify the scheme “development” of farmland a draw

In the Verkhovna Rada will be submitted for consideration of deputies the draft law on the legal fate of land plots whose owners have died.

This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations Oleksandr Bakumenko.

“Almost 1.5 million hectares of Ukrainian land became derelict after the death of the owners. The bill provides a mechanism for the transfer of these allotments at the disposal of rural communities. We’ll get them to pay for the registration of land and provide additional land resource,” announced the document Bakumenko.

“The draft stipulates that the application for recognition of the site not passing to the heirs submitted to the court at the location of the inheritance, but not the principal is going to court, which is unacceptable. In addition, you must establish a clear list of subjects that may apply to the court. The draft also provides that the estate is considered by the court with mandatory participation of local authorities. But the involvement of local authorities only in cases when the statements served creditors or users of adjoining land. In other cases, local governments participate in the proceedings as the applicant,” reads the report by the parliamentary legal Department.

As it became known BTN.kiev.ua it is now clear that the main points of the document, and most importantly — the proposed scheme of “exclusion” orphan parcels will remain unchanged. She, in particular, suggests the following innovations: eligibility for municipal property in the property, the owner of which died, leaving no heirs, to the territorial communities according to the location of the property, the implementation of a system for exchange of data between the land registry, probate registry, registry of property rights, etc. for the purpose of identifying property that can be considered “neutral” by passing to local authorities.

The authors of the bill, arguing in the explanatory Memorandum the need for adoption, estimated that “development” 1.5 million hectares of land, which are now virtually overgrown with weeds, will be about UAH 1.1 billion. per year (rental rate per 1 ha – 750 UAH. per year).