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In the U.S., there will be ATMs for the acclaimed online currency

Bitcoins can be bought simply by showing a passport

At the end of February 2014 the company Robocoin establish the first U.S. ATM, through which you can buy and sell Bitcoins . This is stated in a statement. The emergence of ATMs will be another step towards the promotion of digital currency , writes the “Capital” .

Devices that appear in Seattle and Austin ( Texas ) , similar to conventional ATMs, but will have the scanner to read identity documents such as a passport or driving license , notes Reuters.

ATMs allow people to exchange Bitcoins for cash or, conversely, to buy for cash more Bitcoins .

Bitcoins appeared in 2008 and began to spread to the world wide web . This computer is not governed by the currency of any particular company or government and does not have the supporting assets, but tightly controlled release of Bitcoin similar to how the money supply is regulated by the central banking system.

Robocoin installed the first ATM for Bitcoins last fall in Vancouver. Another company will launch later this month in Kalgari , Alberta . The company also plans to put ATMs in Asia and Europe .

Bitcoin is now worth about $ 636 , but the price varies greatly as popularization. In September 2013 Bitcoin was worth about $ 150, and by December the price had jumped to nearly $ 1 thousand