Bureau of technical supervision

In the Kiev region “found” land for industrial parks

Kiev authorities have compiled a list of promising areas for the creation of industrial parks in the Kiev region.

Инженер технадзора

This was reported by Leo Partskhaladze, the first deputy head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

“We have picked up 16 land plots are of different sizes – from 15 to 110 hectares. Their total area is about 600 hectares. This is only the first stage, work on search and selection of suitable sites continues. I invite everyone to start new businesses and to transfer already existing in Kiev region “, – he wrote in his official page to Facebook.

Among the advantages that offer power companies: low rent for the land or premises; availability of skilled and cheap labor force; proximity to a satellite town and convenient transport interchanges; the necessary communications.

Partskhaladze also personally guarantee the transparency of interaction with licensing and supervising authorities.

“We are ready to consider requests from businesses. Send information to the Department of Economic Development and Trade Kievobladministratsii indicating the approximate area of ​​land required and necessary for the placement of production facilities of communication. On my own I want to note that the construction of any building object requires support from the technical supervision engineer.