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In the Kiev mayor’s office suggested that modernization of houses on credit

Individual savings the apartment may reduce the amount in the payment no more than 5-6%. “Diode lamps, aerators on water taps, turning off unnecessary appliances and other measures can’t change the main thing — the amount of the payment for heating, and this is the biggest share of the utility payments”, — said the adviser to the Deputy head of the Kyiv city state administration, expert on energy efficiency Alexei Tikhonov. Real savings, he said, starts by reducing this figure by 20-30%.Технический надзор в строительстве за утеплением дома

But to save, warming facade “Latona”, as do many residents of the capital’s high-rise buildings, it is impossible, because the house consumes heat as a single object. In addition, heat tends to migrate through the walls. “Yes, you can raise the apartment temperature 1-2 degrees, but that heat still may go to a more profligate neighbors”, — experts say.

Alternatively, in the Kiev mayor’s office suggested that modernization of houses on credit. Under the agreement, 70% of the cost is repaid from the budget, and 30% paying the residents themselves. Officials to understand all the nuances of such cooperation with the city on a particular case.

On the one hand, those who have no counter, there is no interest to save gas. And that has already built a profitable scheme enterprising vendors. Gas is charged according to the consumption norms, and if in fact it takes less, the difference sell to commercial structures. Therefore, monopolies are not in a hurry to introduce a 100% accounting of all energy resources. And if gas is not taken into account about 5% of the volume, the warmth, the situation is much worse. Technical supervision in construction for insulation of the house also need to comply with all regulatory.

In Ukraine there is a 100% accounting of the energy generated by thermal power generation, but no one considers how much heat actually received in the house. “In the whole country such records are maintained in 30% of houses with Central heating”, — said the expert of Reanimation package of reforms, Director of the Kiev office of the Association of energy efficient cities of Ukraine Svyatoslav Pavlyuk.

Without knowing exact figures, it is impossible to determine, and losses in the main pipelines. According to various estimates, they account for 25-40% at the standard 13%.

The loss in houses is most often caused by “leaky” walls. “We have two years ago approved the setting of the energy meter of living space in 264 kWh/sq. m. For comparison: in the EU, the real figure is 120 kWh/sq m, and by 2020 it is planned to be reduced to 40 kWh/sq m”, — said Pavlyuk. Naturally, the higher the heat consumption, the more impressive and the amount in the payment.

The only solution in this situation is to reduce consumption. The easiest way is to put the heat. Alexei Tikhonov said that in 2014, with the participation of the Kiev mayor’s office, the experts watched 15 typical Soviet panel buildings 70-80-ies of the building, which put such devices. As it turned out, they began to consume energy is 29.8% less than comparable high-rises, the account which was exhibited according to the standards of consumption.

“After that, in Kiev decided to send all the money from the investment component of the tariff for the purchase and installation of heat meters. The end of the year all the houses in the capital will be equipped with these devices,” said Alexei Tikhonov.

He said that last year the authorities carried out a comparative experiment on troyeschina. House series CT-16 (large-panel residential building in 16 floors) with a heat meter in which the consumption was regulated depending on the air temperature, showed a savings of 220 thousand UAH per heating season, compared with six nearby houses of the same series and year of construction. The heat register on the time cost of 55 thousand UAH. when the heating rate 9,20 UAH/sq. m (now 16,14 USD/sq. m). That is, for a month and a half the device paid off. And if the residents will buy it on credit under the state program, the payback period is two months, which is still very profitable.