Bureau of technical supervision

In SACC changed the conditions making objects 4 and 5 categories of complexity

In Derzharhbudinspektsiyi Ukraine was held a production meeting on the improvement of work connected with acceptance in operation of objects of the fourth and fifth categories of complexity.

инженер технического надзора

технический надзор

The meeting was attended by first Deputy head of the Inspectorate Valery Filonczuk, heads of structural subdivisions of the Central apparatus and the main construction supervision inspectors from all regions of Ukraine.
The purpose of the meeting is to ensure common approaches and algorithms of action during the inspection object of the fourth-fifth categories of complexity and their operational readiness.
The meeting stated about the inadmissibility of illegal requirements for customers of construction from inspectors. At the same time, there should be careful monitoring of compliance by the developer of the state construction norms and standards. Put into operation objects in the first place should be safe and secure. Construction expertise and control of cost estimate documentation on construction sites.
Special attention was paid to the issue of accessibility of facilities for people with limited mobility. Ensuring buildings and access ramps is an essential condition of their putting into operation.
Guide GASHI emphasized the need for a thorough technical inspection and storage of objects, particularly petrol stations.
The chief state inspector conducting the inspection objects on the ground, were given detailed instructions and directions for further work. They are based on unified approaches, strict adherence to town planning norms and standards and responsibility for reliability of buildings as by the inspector, and the building owner.