Bureau of technical supervision

In the center of Donetsk because of the construction of a new high-rise buildings cracked Khrushev

In the center of Donetsk on the wall Khrushchev CHelyuskincev 148 gave a crack . Residents blame the building, which is being near their house and intend to protest against the building. With the end of Khrushchev built a new height , and opposite entrances – store and surface parking .

“People are against this construction , because the geology here does not allow to build here the groundwater ,” – says a resident of Hope House Ukrainian .

Inspection of State Architectural and check out the shops near future parking – all permits in order. It remains to check parking and high-rise building .

Construction near Khrushchev took control of the prosecutor’s office . Home residents informed about the results of the checks as soon as they end .