Bureau of technical supervision

Uman undertook to restore order in the construction

Технический надзор за строительством в УманиGosarhstroyinspektsiya in the framework of decentralization of gosarhstroykontrolya transferred to the new town-planning powers Uman. The act of acceptance-transfer of Affairs was signed by the head of GASI Alexey Kudryavtsev and the mayor of Uman Alexander Zebre.
“Uman is dynamically developing, in particular due to religious tourism. This led to the fact, that the volume of construction work, the city became the second in the region after Cherkassy. Uman therefore need effective architectural control to buildings remained safe and comfortable,” – said Alexey Kudryavtsev.
As it became known BTN.kiev.ua after the transfer of authority to the city government will control the entire cycle of urban development: from land allocation to commissioning into operation. Technical supervision of construction in Uman and region.
“I am grateful Gosarhstroyinspektsii for facilitating the transfer of new town functions, – said Alexander Zebre. It is a symbolic event, because the Uman region will take advantage of the powers of architecture and construction. Thus, we make a first step in restoring order and the rule of law in the construction in the city.”