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Ukrainians see list building “companies scams” after the May holidays

Confederation of Builders of Ukraine signed an agreement with the company IBI-RATING, to create a list of unscrupulous construction companies.

“We will not wait for the unscrupulous companies will state, decided to organize themselves . It will be an independent rating will be recommendatory . Promulgate company data, which should not trust , “- said Leo Partskhaladze , president of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine .

Director of IBI-RATING Pererva Gregory noted that the rating will be on three principles. Will study the history of the company, whether the management control professionals , including general contractors . Does the company have all the permits. It will also analyze the financial block . At the same time , the financial statements should provide the developer himself .

“If he will not do this , then we have every reason to believe that he has something to hide. Assessment will exhibit at once. The object will be studying in the construction process , “- said break .

According to him, about a dozen construction companies have agreed to provide information about their company .

The work of rating company will look ” Association of Victim Assistance investors .” It will have a veto . Will use it in case on its website will be numerous complaints about a specific company builder.

Association will evaluate the company’s five criteria : openness, honesty, integrity , professionalism and equality.

” Openness – is when the company has offered all contracts and permits , honesty – is how much information from the company website untrue , decency – as the company calls with investors , professionalism is that the owners of the company must be proficient in the construction business . It should not be any cleaner with a sewing factory. Equality is respect to business partners ” – listed Alexey Goncharuk , President of the Association of Victim Assistance investors .

First data developers rating will be announced after the May holidays .