Bureau of technical supervision

Snow removal on the map

In Kiev has developed a special map that marked all the holders of houses and land in town, regardless of the form of ownership and management. This will allow the capital improvement inspectors to control the process of snow removal by those who are responsible for this specific territory.
“Now we will have clear information about the balance sheet that does not take away their territory. With them we will seek common ground, to agree that they had fulfilled their obligations to the city. But anyone who refuses to remove the snow, will be brought to administrative responsibility. Moreover, we will keep records of problem holders and publish the list on the website,” – said the Deputy head of the KCSA Petro Panteleyev.
For the project the city territory was divided into hundreds of sectors, each of which was assigned special inspectors that fill the map with relevant information. Each inspector a separate access to edit the map. But if you need an expert in the field of quality control in construction, in city government you will not find them.
“As a result of this hard work on collecting the information we will be able with this card to determine not only the owner of the house or territory and the Contracting organization, which is there to remove” – said the Deputy head of the KSCA.

Inspectors are already working actively on filling cards, soon it will be ready for use by the city administration for control of cleaning during the winter.