Bureau of technical supervision

technical inspection

Technical supervision of construction involves a set of measures aimed at ensuring the quality control of each stage in the construction process. Due to the quality control, minimizing the risk of violations and all construction works are carried out as planned and in accordance with the declared value, which has a positive impact on their quality.

Technical supervision is carried out by persons with a certain level of qualification:

  • leading engineers Construction quality control;
  • Construction quality control engineers categories I and II;
  • Construction quality control engineers (without experience).

In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the above-mentioned persons during the technical supervision of the following functions:

  • check the documentation that specifies the quality characteristics of structures, equipment and materials used in the construction of the building;
  • verification of compliance with the requirements of the work performed state standards, specifications and other normative documents;
  • checking compliance of the work done with the data specified in the design and estimate documentation;
  • verification of compliance with guidelines issued by the state supervision and execution of their contractors;
  • control the volume of received and paid for construction work and work performed with the defects;
  • conduct joint inspection with the contractor of the works;
  • contractor notice of non-compliance of materials and equipment requirements specified by the regulations;
  • documenting of work performed with the defects;
  • participate in the process of verifying the performance of individual committee members work;
  • perform other functions, which implies technical supervision.

Technical supervision also may include additional services, among which the most common are:

  • provide paper versions of forms of documentation;
  • verification of all the necessary elements of enforcement documents and the correctness of its registration;
  • establishment of regulations on registration and correctness of execution of documents;
  • create a list of required documents for the construction work;
  • advising on matters related to the conduct of executive documents;
  • monitoring the correct execution of all the items listed in the executive documents;
  • participation in the full chain of conducting executive documents with their further transfer to the customer.

If the person presenting the technical supervision of the work performed reveals discrepancies requirements specified in the documentation and in this case is denied the contractor to remove them, a notification is sent to the developer and the Architectural Control for appropriate legal measures.