Bureau of technical supervision

technical supervision of the customer

Technical supervision of the customer takes place throughout the period of construction of the construction site for the purpose of monitoring compliance with paragraph design documentation, construction deadlines and requirements specified in the technical documents, including the quality of the construction and installation, matching the price of purchased materials and tools data marked in the budget documentation.
технический надзор заказчика

технический надзор заказчика

When using the services of technical supervision of construction, the possibility of these problems becomes a minimum:
• differential settlement construction, cracks, deformation and destruction of the buildings, which were caused by the neglect of the requirements specified in the normative and technical documentation;
• decrease in the strength of the building, the occurrence of environmental problems due to the use of substandard and hazardous materials;
• reduced profitability caused by a violation of the timing of the works;
• difficulty finding violations caused by improper maintenance of documentation;
• a significant increase in construction costs caused by improper maintenance of construction documents.
The person responsible for the technical supervision of the customer has the following rights:
• during the works, follow the process as well as to check the quality of work not only builders, but also construction materials, structures, components and equipment;
• check the correctness of logging operations and gradual acceptance of hidden items;
• temporarily stop the construction and installation works, if violations were observed conditions specified in the project documentation;
• to make a mark in the magazine on the use of substandard materials and components;
• not to accept work, quality does not meet the requirements of the customer;
• raise the issue of the leadership to prosecute persons violating the laws on capital construction and production rules;
• to make proposals for the application in the construction of modern production methods, technical structures, equipment and materials that will help reduce the cost of all works associated with the construction and installation, and increase their quality;
• be directly involved in the commission of internal control of the contractor.
In addition to a number of rights, the person responsible for the technical supervision of the customer, and has certain actions for which he is liable:
• receipt from the contractor under the certificate examination of the hidden works, by an act of the intermediate acceptance of critical structures, for acts of acceptance of work performed poorly;
• presentment for payment to the contractor incurred high costs of construction works;
• failure to take measures to eliminate the shortcomings that emerged during the construction of the object.