Bureau of technical supervision

technical supervision

Technical supervision

The term “technical supervision” means activities which are focused on regular monitoring of construction and repair work. The essence of construction expertise lies in the inspection and expert evaluation of the smallest detail, and providing the opportunity to precisely follow the norms of construction, time, cost, and to achieve the desired quality.

The main objective of the supervision is that the process of construction or repair it is possible to customer extremely manageable, open and predictable. The repair can not be compared with the conveyor, but rather with the creative process, which can take a minute to be chaos. The representative of technical supervision monitors the coherence of the entire complex mechanism, and the functions of its parts. Comparatively with the customer, technical supervision, or rather, his representative has all the details of repairs and construction. The main goal of this service is to protect the interests of the customer. In addition, the independent representative on the construction receives a single payment for their work, despite budget and the failure of builders, the General contractor and the management of construction enterprises can improve the cost.