Bureau of technical supervision

Construction quality control

Construction quality control involves the use of management, design and technical skills to design and implement the technical aspects of construction, execution of construction within the framework of established norms ; improve production processes , as well as management and direction of physical and / or technical functions . Technical supervision generally includes the basic principles of project management , industrial processes, building and operations management in construction, quality control, and statistical data.

Technical supervision professionals can demonstrate the following management competencies that clearly distinguish them from traditional construction companies :

  • • The use of appropriate statistical methods in a variable and attribute control charts and tables of sampling for continuous improvement.
  • • Rate and / or implement quality construction .
  • • Implementation of planning, development and monitoring of construction products , the use of appropriate methods of construction design , as well as identifying the key factors in project management.
  • • Knowledge of public safety legislation .
  • • Solving problems during the construction / reconstruction of the facility , effective teamwork .
  • • Find the most suitable economic principles to solve problems.
  • • Responsible for the technical supervision in the construction industries .

Technical supervision is used in a wide range of services , including: manufacturing, construction, transportation, healthcare , printing / publishing and distribution . And is responsible for implementing the construction or improvement of the process .

Engineers ready to accept engineering design and carry it through the implementation and execution. They ” wear many hats ” , commanding the necessary resources and personnel to assist the organization.