Bureau of technical supervision

Budget documentation

The company “Bureau of Technical Supervision ” offers professional services in the preparation and verification of estimates in the programs ” AVK5 “, ” Building Technology “, ” AC- 4 PIR” and a commercial version .

Checking , budgeting and acts of work performed under the following headings:

– Check , estimates and acts on civil works

– Check , estimates and acts on repair and construction works

– Check , estimates and acts installation of utilities

– Checking , budgeting , and acts on the reconstruction of buildings, installation of process equipment , landscaping areas.

To determine the cost of construction of various objects compiled estimates in sections which include:

– The contract price ;

– Summary estimate ;

– Estimates object , the object estimate calculation ;

– An object with output estimated additional cost ;

– Local estimates , the local budget calculation ;

– Local estimate of the withdrawal of additional costs;

– Object estimates for commissioning;

– Local estimates for commissioning;

– A statement to the local resources , the object estimate;

– Resources to the consolidated statement of estimates ;

– ” Progressive ” local estimates ;

– ” Progressive ” local estimates for the withdrawal of additional costs;

– Calculation of cost prices ;

– Individual RESN ;

– Faulty act

– Explanatory Note

– Summary of volumes

Engage an independent entity to verify the estimates will be useful at any stage of construction. Investor or customer will always be able to get an objective cost of the work and how to reduce it in practice .