Bureau of technical supervision

Construction quality control

Технадзор в строительстве

Технадзор в строительстве


Construction quality control includes a set of activities carried out with the aim of creating an environment in which all the processes during the design and implementation of engineering, construction and installation work will be as clear, manageable, transparent and predictable for the Client.
It is important to know that in most cases, attempts to carry out technical supervision on their own, end with huge expense deficient work and problems with misfiled documents. Presence in the construction of specialist technical supervision ensures that all work performed will be performed at the highest quality. In addition, the contract, which is after the decision to make technical supervision in construction, ensures that the records will be maintained right from the beginning to the end of the work, which offers significant advantages in addressing issues with builders in the event of a conflict.

The person representing the technical supervision, must:

  • know high-level legislative framework for the construction, technical and regulatory documentation, Labour Protection Act, as well as safety regulations during construction;
  • as soon as possible to ensure the construction of the necessary documentation, equipment and materials. In their absence, report it to the customer or contractor;
  • present during the reception and transmission of the contractor geodetic framework as well as to take all measures to ensure its safety before completion;
  • inform the customer about all the shortcomings in the documentation, as well as offer changes;
  • be aware of all the transmission path spaces and facilities for the installation of electrical equipment;
  • regularly check the quality characteristics of ongoing construction and installation work, materials and equipment, as well as the correctness of the documentation;
  • writing notes all detected defects and monitor their removal;
  • require the contractor to perform all of its functions;
  • with the contractor regularly conduct an inventory of materials, equipment and facilities;
  • together with the Commission to participate in the delivery of the object to the customer;

In addition, the person representing the technical supervision of the construction must:

  • take all measures to minimize the cost of the customer;
  • take customer complaints related to the quality of reference design estimates and the work performed and take all measures to address these issues in the shortest possible time.