Bureau of technical supervision

Thermal modernization of houses in Ukraine

The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services States that 90% of all high-rise buildings require thermal modernization, the press service of the Ministry.

“90% of all high-rise buildings require thermal modernization, according to conclusions of experts of regional development, which reviewed the state of the existing housing stock of Ukraine. Of these, 60-70% of homes built in the years of industrial construction by type series”, – is told in the message.термодом

The Ministry stressed that, according to experts, in the first place need thermal modernization of houses 1971 and 1980 buildings. Throughout Ukraine there are 18 140 (105 100, 000 sqm). Among them – 13 240 buildings, 4170 nine houses and 730 shestnadtsatietazhek.

“In homes 1981-1990 construction should be carried out thermal modernization in the second turn. All such houses in Ukraine 22270 (134500000 sq m). Among them 11 140 5-storey, – 8480 9-storey, 2200 16-storey and 450 more than 16 floors”, – reports a press-service. Engineer of technical supervision reports that these measures will help to save a significant amount of heat.

It is noted that for the implementation of such large-scale works with maximum energy efficiency it is necessary to develop model projects on thermal modernization of residential buildings series, which should include the principal architectural and technical solutions thermo. In particular, contain the proven energy performance of buildings in accordance with the requirements in specific power consumption. A typical project should also contain a feasibility study of conducting thermal modernization of buildings on the basis of maximum use of domestic products and technologies.