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Negative rates in Denmark has forced banks to pay their customers money for mortgages

технический надзор за строительством

Denmark before other European countries for banks introduced negative interest rates. Now the key interest rate in the country is -0,65%, and therefore many mortgage borrowers began to obtain from the Bank because I received a mortgage in it. Many residents of Denmark “earn” for negative rates is not precisely known. However, one of the largest players in the Danish ... Read More »

Construction of bus station in Lviv “Palace”

Технический надзор за строительством Двірцевий Львів

Near the train station in Lviv was constructed bus station “Palace”. The complex will serve the urban, suburban, intercity and international regular passenger services. The modern complex was built on the site of the former bus station No. 8 near railway station. In its construction the carriers have invested 9 mln. “There used to be fitted under the building trailers. ... Read More »

Construction of a kindergarten near Kherson will cost 7.5 million

Будівництво дитячого садка під Херсоном

Community institution for capital construction and operation of the Kherson regional Council adopted the proposal of PJSC “the Mobile mechanized column №132” on the construction of the kindergarten the value of 7.58 million UAH. It is planned to build a kindergarten for 45 places on Mira street in the village of Iron port Golopristanskogo district. Work must be completed before ... Read More »

Simplified procedure of land privatization

технический надзор за строительством

By the way, if you already have land, but you haven’t privatized it, then you know that by law you can do it under the simplified scheme. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2009 adopted the Procedure for free registration and issue to citizens of Ukraine the state acts on ownership right to land plots, approved by Decree of ... Read More »

Video of the construction of the Kerch bridge

Строительство Керченского моста

The Kerch bridge have started to build with the construction of temporary bridges, auxiliaries. The Kerch bridge, which will connect the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula by Russia, began to build with the construction of temporary bridges. A video which was made by one resident of Crimea by quadrocopter (in other words, it is a small Amateur UAV). Now, this drone took ... Read More »

Purpose and organization of technical oversight in construction.

технический надзор киев

(Русский) Технический надзор за строительством (реконструкцией) — это комплекс мероприятий, направленный на контроль качества строительных работ, материалов, соблюдения графика работ и инвестиционного бюджета. Служба технического надзора гарантирует своевременную сдачу объекта и его дальнейшую успешную многолетнюю эксплуатацию. Read More »

Technical supervision

“BTN” accomplishes accompaniment of building and repairs, technical supervision over building, reconstruction and also complex administration of projects.Technical supervision:
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