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Construction in Ukraine for the year rose by almost a third

Строительная экспертиза

The prices for construction-Assembly works (CAW) in Ukraine in 2015 has increased by 27.1% compared with 2014, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine. According to the report, the price increase for CMP by the end of 2015 recorded in all areas of construction. According gosstata, most increased prices for construction-Assembly works in construction of pipelines, communication and power ... Read More »

In SACC changed the conditions making objects 4 and 5 categories of complexity

Бюро технического надзора

In Derzharhbudinspektsiyi Ukraine was held a production meeting on the improvement of work connected with acceptance in operation of objects of the fourth and fifth categories of complexity. The meeting was attended by first Deputy head of the Inspectorate Valery Filonczuk, heads of structural subdivisions of the Central apparatus and the main construction supervision inspectors from all regions of Ukraine. ... Read More »

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure of access to the state register of real estate

Строительная экспертиза

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure of state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances, the order of granting information from the State registry of real estate rights and access arrangements in the state register of rights to immovable property. This is stated in the decree No. 1127. In addition to approved procedures, set fees for providing ... Read More »

GASK was stopped by Ukrainian-Polish construction in Lviv

The Department of State architectural construction inspection in Lviv region stopped the construction work on two apartment buildings in block multi-storey residential buildings “rainbow” on Railway street, 7, Lviv. In the course of unscheduled inspection of facilities, the Department has determined that the contractor starting work on the building of houses №№3 and 5 on the master plan without the ... Read More »

No “elite” housing in Kiev can not be called so – expert

киев элитное жилье

(Русский) Никакое “элитное” жилье в Киеве нельзя таковым назвать. Потому что “элитная” только цена, а другие показатели – это прыжки выше головы. Это отмечает эксперт по недвижимости Сергей Костецкий относительно английского рейтинга Global Property Guide. В нем Киев занял 40-ю строчку за самое дорогое элитное жилье. Read More »

MoD could not wriggle out of housing in Odessa

проектная экспертиза

(Русский) Хозяйственный суд Киева обязал Министерство обороны выплатить ЧП «Монолит» 6,15 млн. грн. Read More »

Prospects of development of the construction industry in Ukraine

Технический надзор за строительством

Construction industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy , which determines the efficiency of the entire economic system of the country. The importance of this sector to the economy of any country can be explained as follows: capital construction creates more jobs and uses the products of many industries. The economic effect of the development of ... Read More »