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Construction in Ukraine continues to rise

Надзор за строительством

The prices for construction-Assembly works (CAW) in Ukraine in January-February of 2016, compared with the same period of 2015 increased by 16%, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine. According to the report, the price increase for CMP according to the results of the first two months of the year recorded in all areas of construction. According gosstata, most ... Read More »

To build on several floors in the house decided in Lviv

Надстройка этажей Львов и Служба технического надзора

The Department of State architectural construction inspection in Lviv region has fined the Contracting organization 124 thousand UAH. any deviation from project documentation in the construction of residential houses on Green street, 268, and Jasmine str., 5, in Lviv. During the inspection of the construction of apartment houses with built-in and attached facilities for public use on Green street and ... Read More »

Kiev workers found a way to reduce the cost of repairs


Utilities Corporation “Kyivavtodor” actively implementing modern technologies during the repair works on the road network. In Desnyanskiy district road workers carry out repair work, using new special equipment for recycling old asphalt – recyclers. The machine is suitable for patching pavement. The main function of the recycler is to recycle the milled asphalt and waste asphalt into new asphalt that ... Read More »

ДБН В.2.2-10-2001. Будівлі і споруди. Установи охорони здоров’я

инженер техническогонадзора

ДЕРЖАВНІ БУДІВЕЛЬНІ НОРМИ УКРАЇНИ ДБН В.2.2-10-2001 Будівлі і споруди Установи охорони здоров’я На заміну СН 535-81З, введено у дію з 1 квітня 2001 р. + Зміна №1 введена в дію з 1 квітня 2005 року у розробці Зміна №2 ДБН В.2.2-10-2001 поширюються на проектування нових і реконструкцію існуючих будинків і споруд усіх типів закладів охорони здоров’я незалежно від їх відомчого підпорядкування ... Read More »