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Residents of high-rise buildings in Ukraine threaten large-scale problems because of the deed to the house

Строительная экспертиза

Lawmakers continue to develop the database necessary for a complete launch in Ukraine of the Institute of the condominium.Construction expertise So, the adopted last year act No. 417-VIII suggests that before 1 July this year will be completely changed the system of governance national housing authority. On minujeca should come management companies. They need to choose to residents of high-rise ... Read More »

Kiev authorities did not give permission to place a café “the Punisher” in the House of trade unions

кафе каратель осуществление надзора за строительством

Kiev authorities did not give permits for the placement of the cafe in the House of trade unions, said the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko. “The house of trade unions is not the communal property of Kiev city centre. Any permits for the placement of the cafe at the trade unions building Kyiv city administration did not give. If ... Read More »

Ministry of justice initiates a free access to the state register of real estate

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine initiates the free access of Ukrainian citizens to the state registry of real estate. “A year has passed (earned the land registry – ed.) and can say that we are ready to ensure that the register was open. And society, and the Ministry of justice done to the roster was free to use” – ... Read More »

Created translucent concrete

осуществление надзора за строительством

At first glance, this phrase seems fantastic and unreal. Transparent concrete, or litracon is a relatively new material, it was invented a few years ago and has gained popularity in the market of building materials due to its durability and water resistance. Transparent concrete is a composite material composed of a mixture of cement and glass fiber strands that transmit ... Read More »

The construction of a plant in Lviv region

The construction of a plant in Lviv region

The company “Leoni” (Germany) plans to increase its production capacity and is considering building in the Lvov area of another company. Now representatives of the company, specializing in the production of cable systems for the automotive industry, looking for a suitable plot. Perhaps the plant is operating in Radehiv district. “The factory in Stryi can no longer increase production because ... Read More »

Auchan will build a kindergarten on Poznyaky

Здійснення нагляду за будівництвом

In 2017 for children of zhilmassiva Poznyaki will open a new kindergarten. “The municipal government is working to reduce the shortage of places in kindergartens. A year ago in the queue were 14 thousand children, during the year we reduced to 12 thousand Now continue working in this direction”, – said the Director of the Department of construction and housing ... Read More »

Those wanting to take on the responsibilities of the SACC still little

осуществление надзора за строительством

30 October, within the framework of the decentralized system of architecture and construction was held the procedure of transfer of powers to EXTINGUISH local governments, which had first fulfilled all the conditions for creating your own inspections. New powers in the field of urban policy received Druzhkivka and Krasny Liman (Donetsk region). “It is symbolic that the new inspection gosarhstroykontrolya ... Read More »

The Bank has to collect from the Builder of the Kiev UAH 200 million.

киевгорстрой оштрафован

Kyiv economic court satisfied the claim of PJSC “JSCB “Arkada” and awarded to PJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” 197,71 mn. as remuneration for the transfer of funds to Finance the construction. In 2002, the holding company and the Bank entered into a contract in which an “arcade” was to create a construction financing Fund to attract funds of individuals and legal entities. ... Read More »

The government approved the draft law on the formation of contracts for the supply of thermal energy from alternative fuels

альтернативная энергетика

7 October 2015 the Government approved the draft law of Ukraine “On amendments to article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On heat supply” on entering into long-term contracts for the supply of thermal energy”, which will encourage the replacement of gas in the production of heat and supply of budgetary institutions. Namely: the draft Law introduces provisions, which provide ... Read More »