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In Ukraine, want to simplify the scheme “development” of farmland a draw

аренда земли под строительство

(Русский) В Верховной Раде планируется вынести на рассмотрение депутатов законопроект о правовой судьбе земельных участков, собственники которых умерли. Read More »

Plants for green roofs

Растения для зеленой крыши_1

Roofs – not the most suitable place for plants: they are highly susceptible to heat, cold, wind and drought, plus they can not withstand a lot of weight, so the plants produce only a few centimeters of the soil. So typically, green roofs use plants found in deserts, on rocks and in the other they are not very hospitable places. ... Read More »

Property tax: how much now are the “extra” parameters (infographic)

налог на недвижимость инфорграфика

From July 1 began the period of payment of property tax for natural persons-owners of houses and apartments. Recall the tax this year, paid for 2015, to pay to the state within 60 days after receipt from the authority Gospitalniy service (GFS) tax notice. Who and how much should be paid to the Treasury for its “m”? As explained by ... Read More »



Property tax, application procedure which has changed from 1 July 2016,for non-payment of which, some citizens could lose their housing. According to experts, in particular risk are rural residents, many properties which are still not registered properly. However, once the regulatory authorities get all the information about them, you will be able to seize property from debtors. Under the new ... Read More »

In Zhitomir was built a unique temple

В Житомирі побудували унікальний храм

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret consecrated in Zhitomir new Church Georgian diocese. In the ceremony of consecration of the Church took part more than 100 itemicon, members of the clergy and the Georgian Diaspora. New St. George Church – the first in Ukraine, built in the Georgian style. The building ... Read More »

Uman undertook to restore order in the construction

Технический надзор за строительством в Умани

Gosarhstroyinspektsiya in the framework of decentralization of gosarhstroykontrolya transferred to the new town-planning powers Uman. The act of acceptance-transfer of Affairs was signed by the head of GASI Alexey Kudryavtsev and the mayor of Uman Alexander Zebre. “Uman is dynamically developing, in particular due to religious tourism. This led to the fact, that the volume of construction work, the city ... Read More »

Subsidies for the rich housing: To whom will descend a fee with a check?

Субсидии для богатых

Local authorities have the right according to the decision of a special Commission to calculate the subsidy on a large area of housing. However, make sure that it really is a poor man, disabled or retired. The Commission therefore come with checks to some of those wishing to apply for a grant. This was told by Vice Prime Minister of ... Read More »

Lvov took the money to repair the tram depot

Львов занял деньги на ремонт трамвайного депо

In Lviv in the near future will begin reconstruction of the tram depot the lpee “lvivelectrotrans” on the street Industrial. Restoring the depot would cost 1.27 million Euro. These funds the city Council has received from the EBRD. “We have announced a tender for the reconstruction of the depot. It won PJSC “Aerostroy”. We have already signed an agreement with ... Read More »

The construction of a hotel-restaurant complex in Zhytomyr forest

Авторский надзор за строительством.

Zhytomyr regional Prosecutor’s office filed a series of claims against LLC “Dominvest” about returning to the state more than 14 hectares of forest, where the company built a hotel-restaurant complex “the hutorke “Chegodaeva”. The complex is located on the territory of two districts: Chernyakhiv, Zhytomyr and. Land area of 1,9 hectares of Zhytomyr RSA transferred to the company in rent ... Read More »

The construction of residential complexes stopped. Odessa.

The Department Derzharhbudinspektsiyi in the Odessa region has cancelled the registration of 5 of permits for the construction ZHSK “riverside quarter” in the village Kryzhanovka on Sofievskaya street. Having conducted an unscheduled inspection of the construction ZHSK “the waterfront quarter – Kryzhanovka” and ZHSK “the waterfront quarter – Kryzhanovka-2”, the inspection found that the Declaration on the beginning of construction ... Read More »

Building layouts from the styrene are going to ban

Строительные макеты из стирола собираются запретить BTN.kiev.ua

College of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis is going to forbid students to use the styrene in the creation of models on the grounds that it is dangerous to health. The College belongs to the school of design and fine arts. “We are discussing health problems and examine alternative materials, – said Dean of the school Carmon Colangelo. ... Read More »