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The construction of the Kiev shopping center “Respublika” could resume by the end of summer

Авторский надзор за строительством

The completion of the construction of a shopping and entertainment center Respublika on the Ring road in Kiev can be resumed by the end of summer 2016, said managing company, head of the Department for development projects from UTG is the exclusive broker ТРЦRespublika, Sergei Khomenko. “The Respublika project is frozen, but we have scored more than 70% of the ... Read More »

The architects acknowledged the errors with the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere

авторский надзор за строительством

Architect Rafael viñoly admitted that there are problems with his skyscraper 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, today the tallest residential tower in the Western hemisphere. Tenants have already begun to move into the tower with a height of 426 m, and the architect is not completely satisfied with your project. “There are a couple of stocks,” said the Uruguayan architect. ... Read More »

The Ministry of justice from 1 may no longer registers the property and business

инженер технического надзора

The powers of the state registration of legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs, as well as rights in REM in immovable property within the framework of decentralization passed more than 6 thousand Ukrainian notaries, said the first Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova. “From 1 may transition (decentralization of functions to state registration – ed.) is completed ... Read More »

Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater housing

Floating Seahorse 2

Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater Ojai “Floating sea horse” (Floating Seahorse), luxurious private villas, partially submerged, was conducted in secrecy from the moment it was first presented at the international boat show in Dubai in 2015 (technically, the Villa is classified as a boat). As it became known BTN.kiev.ua, a Dubai-based developer Kleindienst Group and its branch Seahorse ... Read More »

The construction of affordable housing was resumed, Dnepropetrovsk

Авторский надзор за строительством Строительство доступного жилья возобновлено, Днепропетровск

KP “regional development Agency “Region-Leader” of Dnipropetrovsk regional Council signed an agreement with the PE “Firm “Bridge” for the construction of affordable housing from 45.99 mln. Ordered the construction of the first phase of the first residential complex in the residential area “Levoberezhny-3”. The term of the agreement until full implementation of commitments. In November 2012 KP “ARR “Region-Leader” of ... Read More »

The construction of a hotel-restaurant complex in Zhytomyr forest

Авторский надзор за строительством.

Zhytomyr regional Prosecutor’s office filed a series of claims against LLC “Dominvest” about returning to the state more than 14 hectares of forest, where the company built a hotel-restaurant complex “the hutorke “Chegodaeva”. The complex is located on the territory of two districts: Chernyakhiv, Zhytomyr and. Land area of 1,9 hectares of Zhytomyr RSA transferred to the company in rent ... Read More »

The construction of the campus for Google

Строительство кампуса для Google

After that, Google announced ambitious plans to build a campus in mountain view (California), and gradsovet rejected them, the company Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Heatherwick Studio presented a less ambitious conception of the project. The new plans focused on the main building with rows of cafes and shops on the ground floor and offices above them. The room is ... Read More »

Kyiv authorities propose to oblige developers to provide 1% of the housing to socially vulnerable individuals

Технический надзор

The deputies of Kyiv city Council (Kyiv city Council) on the initiative of the Deputy city mayor – Secretary of Kyiv city Council Vladimir Prokopov intend to address in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a proposal to amend the law “On regulation of urban development” in the portion of the share participation of developers in residential construction. According to ... Read More »

The construction of cheap apartment buildings in Poltava

Строительная экспертиза

Management of capital construction of Poltava city Executive Committee has signed an agreement with LLC “Dolomit-Story” on the construction of an apartment house on Shevchenko street 73a. The cost of the work amounted to $ 30,54 mn. when the expected procurement value 41,26 mn. Construction work must be completed before June 2017. According to the specifications, the contractor will have ... Read More »

Modern Villa with a “streamlined” forms

Villa New Water - г-образная вилла с обтекаемыми формами

The Dutch are known for their careful attitude to the environment. And architects, in turn, with the design of the new buildings, try to make them as simple as possible and to integrate into nature. So in the vicinity of the city Naaldwijk original Villa, completely relevant to the allegations. Architect Studio Waterstudio.NL Koen Olthuis has completed work on the ... Read More »

Building a house for 1000 dollars


Recently students architects from the Massachusetts Institute of technology decided to find out whether they will be able to build a house for 1000 dollars to provide quality housing for all in need after a catastrophe or natural disaster. The idea of creating such houses is partly borrowed from the campaign One Laptop Per Child, which are developed, produced and ... Read More »

Commissioning of apartment houses

Надзор за строительством

Most or 51.9% of total area of housing that was completed during the first 9 months of 2015 are in homes with two or more apartments. This is evidenced by data published by the State statistics service of Ukraine. Supervision of construction under supervisions of an engineer of technical supervision. Most (51.9 percent) of the total area of housing, or ... Read More »

How legit and free to get a piece of land from the state

Few people know that in our country today have the opportunity to obtain land for free and, most importantly, legally. This right is guaranteed to us by the Constitution of Ukraine and the Land Code of Ukraine. The problem is that the procedure itself the free allocation of land few people know. But we’ll tell you. According to article 121 ... Read More »

Maintenance of premises of the House of trade unions under cafes illegal

Кафе на Майдане независимости

State architectural and construction Inspectorate of Ukraine and its Department in Kiev did not register any documents for the reconstruction of the premises of the House of trade unions at the cafe. So today this property is being used illegally. According to the current legislation Derzharhbudinspektsiya may conduct an unscheduled inspection of the object only on the basis of a ... Read More »

Interchange at Shulyavka remake

Шулявсяка развязка

Salasaca interchange Salasaca interchange The Department of town planning and architecture made the customer a feasibility study of reconstruction of the transport interchange at the intersection of Pobedy street and Hetman Dovzhenko. According to the results of open tendering by the developer of the first stage of designing PJSC “Kievsoyuzdorproekt”. The company must draft a three-level transport interchange to reverse ... Read More »

In Kiev has allocated land to continue construction

The city Council has provided PJSC “Neo Vita” in the rent for 10 years an area of 5,4 hectares on the prospect of Reunification, 19, for the construction of residential-office trading complex with underground and above-ground Parking. The company was allowed to rent land, because the land is owned by her estate. The site is adjacent to the territory of ... Read More »

In Uman at a record pace build housing

авторский надзор

In Uman opened the new building on the street – in this fourth quarter. The house was built of local enterprise “Omniformat” with the involvement of investors. Seven years ago, according to humancan, this place was a dump. Now flaunts a quarter of nine-storey buildings. The last high-rise building opened on Saved, reported the press service of the Cherkasy regional ... Read More »