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The construction of the industrial Park near the city will be

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Будівництво індустріального парку біля Львова

The company CTP (the Netherlands), one of the largest industrial developers in Europe, is going in the middle of 2016 to begin construction of the industrial Park CTPark in Lviv investments worth EUR50 million, according to the head of Department of foreign economic relations and investments of Lviv city administration Olga Sivak.
This sends interfax.com.ua. “We very much hope that in this year the first company for this project will be. Because CTP does not build just like that – they are first a customer, then under his requests to build infrastructure and communications (…) CTP is Now holding talks with their portfolio clients in other countries on the possible transfer of production to the city or about the opening of new factories,” – said O. Sivak.

According to her, CTP plans to invest EUR50 million in the construction of logistic warehouse complexes of class “A” on a plot of 24 hectares. the Production area is over 100 thousand square meters.

In addition, O. Sivak announced the intention of local authorities to build on a plot of 8 hectares near the stadium “arena Lviv” multifunctional center for conferences and exhibitions. Technical supervision of construction and acts on the hidden work from professionals.

“We understand that there is a great demand for meeting industry, therefore, the city authorities seriously deal with the matter”, she said.

According to the project, the area of the conference center consists of 27 thousand sq. m, capacity of 3.5 thousand people.

As reported, citing data from the international consulting company DTZ in Ukraine (Kiev) in June 2015 CTP won an investment tender for the development of the industrial Park “Ryasne-2” in Lviv, where he plans to place 20-30 industrial enterprises. At the same time, Japanese Fujikura has also confirmed its interest to build a factory in the area.

Head of the Department of property management CTP Stefan de hoy (Stefan de Goeij), speaking at the Ukrainian-Dutch forum in the Hague in March 2016, announced the company’s intention to invest EUR75 million to EUR80 in the construction of industrial Park in Lviv for the implementation of which will involve local companies.

As noted by C. de hoy, one of the key clients of the industrial Park will be the company-manufacturers of automotive components.

The industrial Park project will be the first company in Ukraine, however, according to Staffan de hoy, in the future, CTP intends to increase their number.

CTP provides a full range of services in the field of development and management of commercial properties. Specializiruetsya on the construction and management of high-tech industrial parks in Central Europe.

CTP clients are about 500 international and local companies operating in the fields of high-tech production, IT, innovation, bio – and nanotechnology, robotics, automative parts and etc.

The total area of the implemented projects of the company as at the end of March 2016 is around 3.3 million sq m, of which 600 thousand sq. m of office space.

Most of the objects of the company are located in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic the Company also develops industrial parks in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

His staff consists of 45 thousand people.