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The construction of a hotel-restaurant complex in Zhytomyr forest

Zhytomyr regional Prosecutor’s office filed a series of claims against LLC “Dominvest” about returning to the state more than 14 hectares of forest, where the company built a hotel-restaurant complex “the hutorke “Chegodaeva”.Авторский надзор за строительством.
The complex is located on the territory of two districts: Chernyakhiv, Zhytomyr and. Land area of 1,9 hectares of Zhytomyr RSA transferred to the company in rent for 25 years in 2003, 13 hectares, the company received sublease from a private individual, which Chernyakhovsky RGA donated land for rent in 2006
In August 2015 the court of appeal overturned the decision Chernyakhovsky RGA and invalidated the leases and subleases. The case for the stations in the Zhytomyr region last fall were suspended.
But prosecutors claim that “Dominvest” led the construction of the complex on the basis of forged documents. In December 2015 the former head of the Heater (Zhytomyr region) confirmed to the court that in 2007 he forged a resolution of the Executive Committee of the village Council about granting of the company approvals for the construction of a sports complex and the certificate of ownership to it. But the village Council had no right to issue such documents, since the construction was carried out on the lands of state forestry. Supervision of construction is conducted by the developer.
As it became known BTN.kiev.ua, case for annulment of Kamenka village Council of Zhytomyr and RGA, which commissioned the construction of the complex, are in the courts.