Bureau of technical supervision

The construction of the city without cars – Denmark

Environmentally friendly settlement should appear near the Danish city of Aarhus. It is expected that the new settlement will be a green suburb, where modern technology will be used to create harmony between its inhabitants and the environment. Supervision of construction and architectural support will be to perform architectural Bureau.

Надзор за строительством

And most interesting is that according to the plan in a town called Nye (“new”) generally will not hire.

Instead of “dirty” cars will be cruising a tram that will connect Nye with the center of Aarhus. Also throughout the city will pave bike paths.

Motorists who will come to Nye, will be able to leave your car in a special area near residential neighborhoods.

The construction of the new town, which will be able to live 15 thousand people, falls under the strategy of development of cities of Denmark, adopted in 2009.

For the construction of environmentally friendly suburb is expected to take 5 years.