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The construction of affordable housing was resumed, Dnepropetrovsk

KP “regional development Agency “Region-Leader” of Dnipropetrovsk regional Council signed an agreement with the PE “Firm “Bridge” for the construction of affordable housing from 45.99 mln.Авторский надзор за строительством Строительство доступного жилья возобновлено, Днепропетровск
Ordered the construction of the first phase of the first residential complex in the residential area “Levoberezhny-3”. The term of the agreement until full implementation of commitments.
In November 2012 KP “ARR “Region-Leader” of the company ordered the construction of three-section frame dwelling house No. 6 in the same residential area for 19.88 million USD.
Just since 2008, “the Bridge” has won tenders for 45.51 million USD.
Social housing in this place began to build in the framework of the program “Affordable housing”. The essence of the programme was that the apartments could be bought on credit at 3% per annum. The rate was 16%, but 13% of them paid by the state. Just going to build 16 homes on over 1 thousand apartments. Supervision of the construction of housing to be provided by the contractor.
The first house was opened in October 2012 at the same time, OOO Balovskiy construction company received the contract for 19.39 million USD. the house at number 7, and in November – 19.89 million USD. on the house №8.
Since then bids for the construction of the programme was never carried out. But in March 2015. “BSK” received 49,2 mln. for construction without a tender.