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Building a house for 1000 dollars

Строительство дома за 1000

Строительство дома за 1000

Recently students architects from the Massachusetts Institute of technology decided to find out whether they will be able to build a house for 1000 dollars to provide quality housing for all in need after a catastrophe or natural disaster. The idea of creating such houses is partly borrowed from the campaign One Laptop Per Child, which are developed, produced and distributed a $ 100 computers for children in developing countries. So 1000-dollar home from MIT designed to address the problems with housing in emergency situations.MIT-1000-House-6-537x343

Home-Pinwheel (Pinwheel House) – so the students called their project may become a catalyst for the development of other innovative projects that build safe and sustainable homes. The students themselves had already thought of a dozen interesting projects that can improve living conditions in emerging economies, and developed countries with large populations.MIT-1000-House-5

The first draft of a house costing $ 1,000 was recently completed in China, in the town of Mianyang, Sichuan province, which suffered considerable damage during the earthquake of 2008. The project author is the architect Ying Chee Chui. The design of the house is a series of identical l-shaped sections of walls made from clay blocks, which are covered with bamboo and corrugated roof. Each wall section is set 90 degrees to each other – this creates a number of separate rooms with a common center. The dimensions of the final version of the house is 800 sq. ft. Supervision of the construction of the house under the supervision of professional engineers on technical supervision.MIT-1000-House-9 MIT-1000-House-8 MIT-1000-House-7

The first House-Turntable can withstand 8-magnitude earthquake, due to the use in construction of reinforced blocks. That is to say, the basic design. In addition to home could be built, porch, open terrace and other elements of the building. Several houses can be combined into a group with a large common courtyard.

The problem of cost reduction to 1000 dollars prompted the students to the invention of creative solutions. First, the materials used in construction, local origination, affordable and safe. Secondly, in the construction involved the use of new reliable technologies for the organization of heating, ventilation, natural lighting and other utilities.

The architect himself says that light structure house designed for a tropical climate. Soon he plans to start work on a 10,000-dollar house project for Japan.