Bureau of technical supervision

The construction of cheap apartment buildings in Poltava

Management of capital construction of Poltava city Executive Committee has signed an agreement with LLC “Dolomit-Story” on the construction of an apartment house on Shevchenko street 73a.
The cost of the work amounted to $ 30,54 mn. when the expected procurement value 41,26 mn. Construction work must be completed before June 2017.
According to the specifications, the contractor will have to build the nine-floor house the size 6126 sq ft on 81 the apartment. The cost of construction is UAH 4985./sqm
The only competitor of the company at these auction was LLC “Dime co., Ltd.”. Supervision of construction and technical standards are met by technical supervision engineers.
Established in 2013 LLC “Dolomit-Stroy” in 2014 received the contract for overhaul of the building of the Poltava regional Philharmonic society, proposing to perform work for 3.82 million UAH. His competitor was made by LLC “Poltava plumbing”, which in November 2015, the company lost the tender for reconstruction of sewage collector of meat packing plant for 239 thousand UAH.