Bureau of technical supervision

Building control (earlier – “technical supervision”)

Building control (earlier – “technical supervision”) – a set of expert-validation activities undertaken to ensure strict observance of defined project cost, schedule, scope and quality of the work undertaken and construction materials.

Сопровождение строительства

Сопровождение строительства

Construction Control Objectives:

– Providing high quality of construction;

– Enforcement of building materials specified in the construction project;

– Ensuring the implementation of the project without exceeding the estimated cost of construction;

– Providing high quality of construction.

The problems that can be avoided by building control:

– Differential settlement of the building, cracks, deformation and collapse of a building caused by failure of regulatory and design requirements and construction technology;

– Unreasonable increase in costs for the project as a result of incorrect estimates prepared by contractors. As a rule, the amount of the estimate of the contractor exceeds the real cost of 30-50%;

– Improper conduct of executive technical documentation, complicates the search for infringements of technology in the construction and conscious deviations from the design and construction standards on the part of contractors as well as creating difficulties for technical services at the subsequent operation of the building;

– Violation of the strength characteristics of structures, environmental degradation as a result of using contractors for cheap building materials not listed in the project;

– Reducing the profitability of the project, due to disruption of the timing of the work.

Applications are building control construction, capital repairs, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures:

– Industrial buildings and structures;

– Objects of cultural heritage;

– Shopping centers;

– Business centers;

– Hospitality centers;

– Residential buildings and residential complexes.
Building construction supervision is carried out by a working group appointed in accordance with the requirements of the project and consists of specialists in various fields:

– Engineer for civil works;

– Engineer for electric networks;

– Engineer plumbing systems;

– Engineer of HVAC systems;

– A specialist in the analysis and preparation of construction documents;

– Design Engineer.

Appointed by the Group monitors and controls the conduct of construction work at the site with a frequency defined by the requirements of the project and the level of complexity of the object. On each visit to object (or as often as necessary to the customer) compiled records on the project, including:

– A description of the identified defects and disorders;

– Excerpts from the normative and technical documentation confirming the existence of violations;

– Photographs;

– Graphic works;

– The flow of funds table.

After the project is involved in the delivery of the completed facility of the State Acceptance Commission.

In the case of connecting technical supervision at the stage when construction work on the facility had conducted, it is expedient to preliminary survey of the building for the purpose of early detection of violations of technology and structural defects of the building or structure and reduce the risks of deterioration of quality of construction in the future.