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The cost of real estate valuation in Ukraine for six months increased by 4 times – despite claims of tax appraisers

инженер технадзора

The cost of real estate valuation in 2014 increased significantly, despite claims of tax appraisers that the assessment would be cheaper.
So, for six months to evaluate the property was more than 4 times more expensive than a year ago. Back in 2013 the cost of property valuation services for registration of the contract of sale break the 250-400 UAH. In the same year it averages 1200-2000 UAH.
At the same time, according to DOM.RIA.com also increased and deadline for the evaluation. So, a year ago you had to wait 1 to 3 working days. Now perform such services takes the tax appraisers 5 days. At the same time representatives of tax appraisers argue that the official fee for appraisal services must be no more than 800 hryvnia.
Recall that in 2014 the tax assessment is required for all real estate transactions, except for registration of inheritance and types of gifts.