Bureau of technical supervision

Supervision of construction

Supervision of construction includes a set of activities related to all stages of the construction works: from the receipt of all necessary documents for the construction of homes before delivery to the customer premises. There are several basic steps of building maintenance, which will be discussed later.

Сопровождение строительства

Сопровождение строительства

1. Geodetic support. Includes the following tasks:

  • work breakdown that are performed in accordance with the working drawings and are aimed at securing the main points of the building;
  • removal work axes building being erected;
  • work breakdown structures axes pursued after staking angles facilities;
  • creating marks on the floors, which mark out the floor and ladders;
  • maintenance workers executive documents;
  • monthly control specialists in geodesy, located on-site.

2. Approval of documents:

  • before the start of the project – a lease of land, preparation and obtaining TU, passport facades;
  • project – approval of the documents received in the relevant bodies;
  • during production – permits the ability to produce construction work at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Ministry of Labour.

3. Support for the construction activities:

  • preparatory work for erecting the object;
  • zero-cycle work (digging trenches, laying the foundation, installation of reinforcement cages, communications under the ground, and so. n.);
  • work on the design and construction of the load-bearing elements of the building;
  • internal construction work;
  • exterior construction work;
  • Work on laying of electric power;
  • installation works of water supply and sanitation;
  • work on the installation of ventilation, air conditioning and heating;
  • landscaping (creation of “green zones”, laying paths and sidewalks, installation of small architectural forms (fountains, “Alpine hills”), the installation of signs-pointers);
  • external and internal design of the building, landscape design.

In addition, supervision of construction are sometimes classified by the type of object being built:

  • elevators;
  • combines harvesting, processing, storage and wholesale of meat products;
  • public buildings, such as hairdressers, shops specializing in the sale of non-food products;
  • catering (cafes, restaurants, bars, snack bars, pizzerias)
  • resorts, inns, hotels.