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Luxury villa, built in the style of “minimalism”

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This luxurious villa is built in one of the mountainous areas of Rio de Janeiro. Despite its proximity to the metropolis, it is “hidden” from prying eyes on a hillside surrounded by lush tropical undergrowth.

Architectural Studio Arthur Casas implemented the project a huge villa for a famous Brazilian TV presenter. Designers implemented a number of customer requirements, including having the pool was, interior light (because the owner likes to clean), and protection from prying paparazzi views. This results in a large mansion, located in the picturesque granite rock and surrounded by a stone wall street.

The villa is built in the style of “minimalism”. Despite the fact that the exterior and interior are made of stone, in a house with no sense of awkwardness. On the contrary, due to the stained-glass sliding windows inside receive plenty of natural light. Designer furniture is made with warm, bright colors: beige, gray, peach.

The villa consists of three floors with a total area of ​​over 480 square meters. On the ground floor there is a room for guests and servants, the second – a living room, kitchen and dining area, and the third more bedrooms.
Before the house was built terrace with swimming pool, which offers a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Another villa, built in the style of “minimalism”, located on the slopes of the Andes in Chile.

Surely you want the same villa or you are impressed by the interior. Then note that all this beauty can be only with proper supervision engineer, technical supervision and the right quality and construction management.