Bureau of technical supervision

Template for project specifications

Describe the purpose, goals and results.

спецификация проектаState parameters (timelines, budgets, range, scope, area, power).

State the people involved and how the team will work (frequency of meetings, decision-making).

Creating a “break-point” in which to review and verify the progress and how progress and results will be evaluated.

Separately abbreviation BOSCARDET provides a useful example of the structure of the terms of reference titles / chapters: background, objectives, scope, constraints, assumptions, statements Dependencies evaluation timeframe. This structure contains no specific title for cost / budgets – these considerations can be included in “Restrictions” or “estimates”.

  As projects (and other activities requiring work) differ substantially no standard universal structure for the performance specifications document. Responsibility lies with the project manager or supervisor to ensure that all appropriate and necessary items are included, and this local interpretation usually involve TOR headlines and document structure. Brainstorming can be a useful process in which all relevant Terms criteria link can be identified and structured.

  Organizations may have standard TOR structure, such as for example BOSCARDET, which makes sense to use, where appropriate, mindful of the risks associated with inaction or excessive complications that may arise when, after standard practice. See also section TOR business vocabulary.

  See also the project sponsorship.управление строительным проектом

The project plan

  It is important to plan the various stages and activities of the project with the assistance of team where permissible and possible and of course involving the team in the planning process. Useful advice, work backwards from the ultimate goal, to determine all the things that need to be put in place and do in reverse order. Furthermore, from the outset of the project, use brainstorming (mark, ideas, and points in random order – usually with the project team) to help raise issues and concerns and to explore innovations and ideas that may arise. Diagrams of causality are also useful to brainstorm and identify causal factors that could be forgotten or left out. For complex projects, or when you have little experience issues should involve other professionals in the process of “brainstorming.” Later on these questions, you should put in the correct order for the establishment of relations and connections between each challenge. Complex projects will have a number of activities carried out in parallel. Some parts of the project will need in other parts of the project, or rather the beginning of one deystvieya requires the completion of another. Such “interdependent parts of the project, especially the need to carefully consider and plan. Some projects require feasibility studies to completion of a detailed plan. Gantt Charts and Critical Path Analysis Flow Diagrams, two frequently used tool for the detailed planning of the project management, provide planning, budgeting and budgets and other financial documents, as well as apply for project management and reporting.