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(Русский) Резкого падения цен на недвижимость не будет – эксперт

инженер технического надзора

Sharp fall in property prices will not. If they will decline gradually until the end of that year, and then will rise again – Alexander Sokol , a spokesman for the Association of Realtors of Ukraine. He said this in a TV channel CMB .
The expert noted that now of Realtors , there are two opposing views – depending on the events that will occur in the future in Ukraine. The first – that because of the crisis prices will gradually without a sharp fall , at least until the end of this year to decline.
” If, however, the political situation stabilizes and the overall relationship with Russia , and there will be some infusion of credit from international financial institutions – there is hope that the situation will stabilize closer to the fall , and possible even a slight increase ,” – said the expert. ” In the short term , even if a certain drop , still long on low price will not , sooner or later it will go up ,” – said the expert , adding that the market supply will decrease due to low prices, because the sellers do not want to sell real estate at prices and just leave the market in the hope of better times .
He added that one of the biggest problems that inhibits movement in the real estate market – is the lack of mortgage lending.