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Interchange at Shulyavka remake

Salasaca interchange
Salasaca interchange
The Department of town planning and architecture made the customer a feasibility study of reconstruction of the transport interchange at the intersection of Pobedy street and Hetman Dovzhenko.
According to the results of open tendering by the developer of the first stage of designing PJSC “Kievsoyuzdorproekt”. The company must draft a three-level transport interchange to reverse the separation ring. The cost of the work is 1.18 mn. Work must be completed until February 2016.
The need for the development of the project arose in connection with the emergency situation, Shulyavska overpass. After a series of fires, the overpass has partially lost bearing capacity. In addition, this transportation hub at the intersection of the small ring road and radial outbound motorways, is very congested and needs to increase throughput. It is not yet known who will carry out author’s supervision over construction .
Developed in 2010 by the Institute “Kyivdormostproekt” the project of reconstruction of the interchange does not fully meet the requirements: it does not address the issue of increasing bandwidth of the node and requires additional land resources for the construction of the third transition of the Congress, which was supposed to carry the fifth shop of the plant “Bolshevik”.

“Now near the interchange skips a little less than 13 thousand cars per hour. The results of transport modelling and field experiment showed that a three-level interchange will be able to skip over 21 thousand cars”, – said the chief specialist of the Department of engineering and transport infrastructure Department Victor Petruk.
A new version of the interchange is compact and provides for the continuation of the shop – the monument of industrial architecture of the period of industrialization.
“This project not only keeps the fifth shop of the plant, but also frees up additional territory. These are two land plots with a total area of about 1 ha, which is currently occupied by transition congresses. Thus, the city will have place to create two public spaces. In addition, transportation will consider the needs of cyclists, and pedestrian and traffic flows will be diluted to different levels”, – said Viktor Petruk.