Bureau of technical supervision

Designed PVC window for super extreme conditions of Antarctica

Extremely low temperatures in the winter – the phenomenon is extremely rare and is found only in certain climates.

The company VEKA has developed a special solution for window systems working in such conditions.

The company joined the project on technological and engineering equipment of Belarusian polar station, which will work in Antarctica and the South continent represent Belarus.

In the Antarctic window constructions exposed to extreme wind and temperature loads, so their design, manufacture, installation and maintenance must be treated fundamentally differently, – experts say the company.

The windows for the Belarusian polar station used an innovative profile system VEKA Softline 82, has three loop seals and allowing the use of translucent fill up to a width of 52 mm.

The Antarctic module uses just such packages – with a maximum width of 52 mm. The design employed including multilayer and power saving glass with the filling chambers packet argon. Heat loss by outside consultants performed our engineer Technical Supervision.

By September, the station will be built, loaded onto a ship and sent to the Southern Continent.