Bureau of technical supervision

Verkhovna Rada according to provide zemuchastki for use without auctions

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On amendments to the Land code of Ukraine on land auctions”.

For this decision voted 228 deputies of the 226 minimum required.

The law, in particular, stipulates that the land auction conducted in accordance with the contract between the organizer of land bidding and the contractor.

“Financing the organization and conduct of land sales is a land auction organizer or their contractor, in accordance with the agreement concluded between them, including through the registration fees of participants land sales,” – said in the explanatory note. Supervise the construction of houses and the examination of the estimates.

According to the law, the expenditure made by organizer or by land sales to them, shall be reimbursed by the winner of a land auction.

The document also contains a provision under which physical and legal entities up to the date of entry into force of the law received permission to develop land management projects on allotment of land relative to the boundaries of zemuchastkov in kind for the transfer of the ownership or use of land, have the right to receive plots without bidding.