Bureau of technical supervision

The Executive approved the write-offs of apartment buildings

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has defined the procedure of writing off from the balance of the ministries, other Central Executive authorities, state enterprises and local governments apartment houses are placed in areas of private and other forms of ownership.khruschevka btn.kiev.ua

The adoption of this procedure are fixed by decree of the Ukrainian government No. 301 of 20 April 2016, the text of which is published on its web portal.

According to the write-offs of apartment buildings, this procedure is performed by the holder under adopted administrative document. However, it should be completed within a period not exceeding two months from the date of adoption of this document. The initiators of the procedure of writing off from the balance of an apartment building can be persons that the rights of private property owned premises in such a house. As reported, the engineer of technical supervision, such buildings have to be insulated and with them will have to do a lot of work.

For write-offs of an apartment building shall be established a Commission consisting of not less than five persons, which includes representatives of owner and a contractor to manage the house. In addition, in the work of such a Commission should involve the authorized person of the co-owners of apartment houses.

The Commission must make an inspection and to fix the technical condition of the house prior to disposal, and the results of its work, an act for writing off the balance of the apartment building, signed by all its members and approved by the owner.