Bureau of technical supervision

Rules of the specifications in the drawings

Specifications for construction products constitute DSTU A.2.4-7-95

The specifications indicate:
a) in the “Pos.” – Position (mark) structural elements, units;
b) in the “Legend” – refer to key documents in recordable data-structural elements, equipment and products or standards (specifications) to them;
c) in the “Name” – the name of structural elements, equipment, products and brands. Allowed a group of similar items specify the name once and its stress;
d) in the “know.” – Number of elements. In the column “Number.” Multiple record instead of “scheme”, “on top” etc., and below – serial numbers layouts or floors;
e) in the “Mass, ed., kg” – weight in kilograms. Pets give weight in tons, but stating the unit of measurement;
e) in the “Note” – additional information, such as a unit of measurement of mass.

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