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Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater housing

Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater housingAppeared the first photos of luxurious underwater Ojai “Floating sea horse” (Floating Seahorse), luxurious private villas, partially submerged, was conducted in secrecy from the moment it was first presented at the international boat show in Dubai in 2015 (technically, the Villa is classified as a boat).
As it became known BTN.kiev.ua, a Dubai-based developer Kleindienst Group and its branch Seahorse Boats Trading Company 131 design and build a houseboat for the “heart of Europe” resort class “luxury”, spread over 6 man-made Islands near Dubai. The first island – St. Petersburg – will open in the fourth quarter, and the rest over the next three years.Floating Seahorse 1
Each “seahorse” will consist of three levels, one of which will be completely under water, and to observe marine life through the window the full height of the wall.Floating Seahorse 2
The building will house a kitchen, dining room, living area with open floor plan and deck for sunbathing. In addition, there is a Jacuzzi and mini-bar. Underneath each Villa is created an artificial coral reef is not only to add beauty but also to protect these sea horses that live in the Persian Gulf.Floating Seahorse 3
The “heart of Europe” – one of a kind island resort luxury, nothing like the world no longer exists. Due to the huge demand for “Floating seahorses” we changed the shape of the island is Saint Petersburg. Now he looks on the heart and can seat many more villas. In addition, we design a larger version of the home, which is perfect for families or groups of adults with children”, – noted in Kleindienst.
“Seahorse” is about $2.7 million